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ground clamp
for CM steel

Product description

To be screwed onto the outer diameter of a steel tube of a riser pipe, to ensure equipotential bonding on the installation.
Metal gas pipes located outside buildings as well as those placed outside and forming an integral part of the building must be connected to the main equipotential link of the building and earthed (minimum section of 6 mm2 or identical section to that of the building).


  • Natural gas

  • Propane network



  • Complies with DTU 61.1


Technical characteristics

  • To be screwed on the outer diameter of the steel tube

Usage Restrictions / Warnings

  • It is forbidden to use the gas pipes as an earth connection or to make them support any mechanical stress.

Collier de mise à la terre Conduite montante acier

Existing references: 

0250334 - 0250342 - 0250360.

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