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PE / JSC connection

Raccord gaz PE / JSC Gaz Naturel
Raccord gaz PE / JSC Propane réseau
Raccord gaz PE / JSC NF APE

Product description

Screw-in fitting to connect a PE pipe to a Sphero-Conical Junction (JSC) male thread.


  • Natural gas

  • Propane network



  • NF APE certified


Technical characteristics

  • Maximum operating pressure: 5 bar

  • Mechanical tightening in stop and captive nut rotating at JSC


Warnings / Restrictions  of use

  • This fitting is only used at the entrance to the box because it is forbidden to penetrate inside a PE pipe building.

Raccord gaz PE / JSC
Raccord gaz PE / JSC 90°

Existing references: 

2610166 - 2610161 - 2610162 - 0631561 - 0631567.

*90° connection

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