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Meter valve 
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Robinet de compteur gaz NF ROB GAZ

Product description
Gas Meter Flat Gasket (JPC) meter valve to be connected to a G4 meter and to be screwed on a JPC nut.
The valve can be locked in the closed position and unlocked only by an authorized person.
by an authorized person.



  • Natural gas

  • Propane network


  • Certified NF ROB GAZ

Technical characteristics

  • Maximum operating pressure: 500 mbar

  • JPC male thread and JPC leadable rotating captive nut 

  • Closing by 1/4 turn maneuver with yellow plastic handle

  • Valve can be locked in closed position by locking screw

  • Valve without maintenance

Eco-contribution :
These articles are subject to an eco-contribution.

Robinet de compteur gaz
Robinet de compteur
Robinet de compteur

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