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Gas fully equipped boxes.

Around the gas meter.

Box DN20 inlet / outlet Copper 22.

Coffret gaz sous verre Cuivre

Box DN32 intlet / outlet Copper 35.

Coffret sous verre entrée PE

Box DN25 inlet / outlet Copper 28.

Coffret BDVG gaz Cuivre

Box DN15 inlet /  outlet Copper 18.

Coffret BDVG gaz Acier

Box DN50 inlet PE63 / outlet Steel 60,3.

Coffret coupure gaz S22

S50 breaking box
PE / Copper.

Coffret coupure gaz S50

Coffret de coupure S2400

Coffret coupure gaz S2400

Other boxes equipped with S 22, S50, S 2300, S 2400, C2300 G, etc. 
(several hundred possible configurations)
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