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BANIDES multi meter boxes.

Collective housing.

Product description

Easy to fit and compact, the multi meter box can be used to combine several functions : shut off, pressure regulation and metering (up to 10 gas meters).

Technical features

  • Aluminium box of beige colour 

  • Anticorrosion protection

  • Ventilation holes on the door

  • Apartment indicator label on each valve

  • Opening by means of triangular key réf. 0902901

  • Low or Medium pressure network 

  • Quick and compact installation of several meters (from 3 to up to 10)

  • Tightness test carried out at our plant (except meter)

  • Optional PE outlet and baseplate

Armoire multi-comptage Banides


PTGE - 3 counters

Placard Technique Gaz Equipé 3 compteurs

PTGE - 4 counters

PTGE 4 compteurs

PTGE - 5 counters

PTGE 5 compteurs

PTGE - 6 counters

PTGE 6 compteurs

PTGE - 8 counters

PTGE 8 compteurs

PTGE - 10 meters

PTGE 10 compteurs

*For the 7 and 9 meter versions, contact us.

Complementary accessories

Clé 4 usages gaz

4-way key (optional)

Insulating fitting

Raccord isolant JSC

Fitting JSC 

to solder

Raccord JSC à braser sur cuivre

Fitting JSC 


Raccord JSC à souder sur acier
Logo BD CONNECT - Horizontal - fond tran

PLT crown

protective tape


Bande de protection tuyaux PLT BD CONNECT
Collier de mise à la terre PLT BD CONNECT

PLT Grounding Clamp

PLT fitting

to solder

Raccord PLT à braser sur cuivre
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