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Equipped Gas Technical Cupboard
4 counters

PTGE 4 compteurs Gaz Naturel
PTGE 4 compteurs Propane réseau
Placard Technique Gaz Equipé (PTGE) 4 compteurs

Product Description

Equipped Gas Technical Closet (PTGE) for expansion, metering and distribution of gas to subscribers.

For 4 meters, inlet valve to be screwed onto the nut of an insulating Sphero-Conical Junction (JSC) fitting, or to be tightened against the stop on a polyethylene tube and outlet brackets to be brazed.


  • Natural gas

  • Propane network



  • GRDF employment authorization

Technical characteristics

  • Inlet pressure: 0.5 to 5 bar

  • Outlet pressure: 21 mbar or 37 mbar

  • Maximum operating pressure: 500 mbar (for 0450032 & 0450114)

  • JSC type EA valve with male thread or E1A with PE, and to be brazed on 4 copper tubes of Ø 22

  • With T202 marking plates fixed on each tap

  • Gas manifold for gas supply

  • Base supplied as an option

  • Counters not provided

  • Door to be opened with 4-way key (ref.0902901)

  • Supplied with seals for JPC DN20 nuts



These items are subject to an eco-contribution.

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