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counter-braced stocks


Crosse compteur PLT contre-coudée Gaz Naturel
Crosse compteur PLT contre-coudée Propane réseau

Product description

Counter-bent meter stock to be screwed on the male thread of a meter and on a PLT BD CONNECT pipe. For S 2300 / S 2400 / C 2300 G.


Natural gas

Propane network

Technical characteristics

  • Maximum operating pressure : 500 mbar

  • PLT DN20 to DN32 and JPC nut DN20 to DN32

  • Delivered with gasket



Restrictions of use / warnings
The crosshead connection must be mounted on the BD CONNECT PLT corrugated pipe.


Eco-contribution :

These items are subject to an eco-contribution.

Existing references: 

0243633 - 0243634 - 0243832.

Crosse compteur PLT BD CONNECT contre-coudée
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