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Existing references: 

B87852 - B132608.

Propane tank regulator
0.5 to 3 bar

Product description

Adjustable regulator to screw on the male thread of a Propane bottle and to screw on an M 20x150 nut.
Ensuring the 1st trigger or simple trigger for small-scale, industrial or agricultural installations (oven, blowtorch, heater, etc.).


  • propane tank

Technical characteristics

  • Throughput 10 kg/h or 40 kg/h

  • Inlet pressure: from 2 to 20 bar

  • Outlet pressure: 0.5 to 3 bar (adjustable by manometer according to the operating needs of the devices)

  • Swivel and male prisoner nut M 20x150

  • In-line (B87852) or angled (B132608) version

  • Comes with seal

  • Delivered in cardboard

Détendeur citerne Propane 4 kg/h
Détendeur citerne Propane 10 kg/h
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