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Propane regulator
2nd expansion - 8 to 35 kg/h

Product description
Propane regulator adjustable by manometer to screw on two LPG nuts.
For installation downstream of a high pressure regulator or an automatic diverter ensuring the first expansion.
The outlet pressure is adjusted by manometer according to the operating needs of the devices (furnace, blowtorch, heater, etc.).


  • Propane bottle

Technical characteristics

  • Flow rate: variable from 8 to 35 kg/h depending on the inlet pressure (0.45 to 3.9 bar)

  • Outlet pressure: 40 to 300 mbar

  • Outlet pressure adjustment by manometer

  • Double male thread G 3/4'' GPL

  • Supplied with 2 G 3/4'' LPG connectors to be brazed on Ø 18 copper tube, delivered with its seals

  • Delivered in cardboard

Détendeur Propane 8 à 35 kg/h
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