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Propane regulator - 4 kg/h
- craft and agricultural facilities

Product description

Adjustable Propane regulator to screw on the male thread of a bottle and to screw on a nut.
For mounting on Propane bottle to provide direct expansion of craft, industrial or agricultural installations.
Adjustment by manometer of the output pressure according to the operating needs of the devices (furnace, blowtorch, radiant heater, etc.).


  • Propane bottle

Technical characteristics

  • Throughput: 4 kg/h

  • Inlet pressure: from 2 to 20 bar

  • Outlet pressure: between 0 and 300 mbar

  • Swivel and male prisoner nut M 20x150

  • Swivel captive nut and male thread M 20x150

  • Comes with seal

  • Delivered in cardboard

Détendeur Propane 4 kg/h
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