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Regulator with Butane valve 1.3 kg/h

Détendeur à valve Butane 1,3 kg/h NF GAZ

Product description

Regulator for bottle with automatic valve for Elfi, Malice, Twinny and Shesha.
Relaxation two functions:

  • Safety function: automatic shut-off of the gas supply in the event of tearing of the hose and in the event of an abnormal rise in temperature around the regulator

  • Tap function integrated by joystick


  • Butane


  • NF GAS certified

Technical characteristics

  • Throughput: 1.3 kg/h

  • Inlet pressure: 0.2 to 0.75 bar

  • Outlet pressure: 28 mbar

  • Clips onto Ø20 bottle and male M 20x150

  • Comes with 2 piece teat

  • Built-in trigger

  • Thermal detector

Détendeur à valve Butane 1,3 kg/h

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