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ERP metal hose
- DN15 with connection kit

Flexible gaz métallique ERP DN15 NF GAZ kit raccordements

Product description
Metallic hose with unlimited life, to be screwed onto the cylindrical female thread of the tap and onto the cylindrical female thread of the cooking appliance, in complete safety with the 3-piece connection kit.


  • Natural gas

  • Propane network



  • NF GAS certified

Technical characteristics

  • Maximum operating pressure: 2 bar

  • Corrugated stainless steel flexible hose reinforced with a stainless steel wire braid

  • Variable lengths 

  • Double male 3/4'' conical 6.25%

  • Supplied with a 3-piece connector, allowing the torsion of an ERP hose to be canceled during its installation

  • Comes with seals

Usage Restrictions / Warnings

  • This hose is intended for the external connection of professional cooking and heating appliances  .

  • Not suitable for household use.


Flexible gaz métallique ERP DN15 kit raccordements

Existing references: 

0038202 - 0038203 - 0038204 - 0038205 - 0038206.

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