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Existing references: 

B142950 - B218850.

Propane Class II two-bottle installation kit - flow rate 4 kg/h

Kit bi-bouteilles Propane 4 kg/h Classe II

Product description

Domestic installation kit for 2 Propane bottles placed outside the home, allowing to go from 1.5 bar (bottle outlet) to 37 mbar (operating pressure). 
The change from the empty bottle (in service) to the reserve bottle is done automatically.



  • Propane bottle



  • NF GAS certified

Technical characteristics

  • Outlet pressure: 37 mbar

  • Kit including:

    • 1 automatic NF reversing regulator 1st stage (8 kg/h)

    • 1 Integrated Reserve Service Indicator (ISR)

    • 1 low pressure regulator-trigger valve 2nd NF pressure release flow rate 4 kg/h

    • 2 stainless steel 20-year yokes or 2 rubber 5-year yokes, length 35 cm, fitted with female rotating captive nuts

    • 5 connectors 2 pieces M 20x150 to be brazed on Ø 12 copper tube

    • Comes with seals

Kit bi-bouteilles Propane 4 kg/h Classe II
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