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to weld on steel

Raccord PLT à souder Gaz Naturel
Raccord PLT à souder Propane réseau
Raccord PLT à souder certifié ATG-PLT 018-00

Product description

PLT fitting to be installed on a PLT BD CONNECT corrugated pipe and to be welded on a steel pipe.



  • Natural gas

  • Propane network



  • Certified ATG-PLT 018-00


Technical specifications

  • Maximum operating pressure: 2 bar

  • PLT DN15 to DN40 and to be soldered on steel pipe 


Restrictions / warnings for use

PLT fitting to be mounted only on PLT BD CONNECT pipe


Eco-contribution :

These items are subject to an eco-contribution.

Existing references: 

3491521 - 3492026 - 3492533 - 3493242 -3494048.

Raccord gaz PLT BD CONNECT à souder sur acier
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