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Coupling  PE / Flange

Raccord PE / Bride Gaz Naturel
Raccord PE / Bride propane réseau
Raccord PE / Bride NF APE

Product Description
PE/Flange connection allowing the connection by tightening in abutment without specific tool, by mechanical assembly of a PE pipe to a flange.


  • Natural gas

  • Propane network



  • NF APE certified

  • Complies with standard NF EN 1555-3

Technical characteristics

  • Maximum operating pressure: 5 bar

  • Full stop tightening without torque wrench (for PN10 brass flange)

  • Clamping by flange, in abutment, without torque wrench (for PN10 steel flange)


Usage Restrictions / Warnings

  • It is strictly forbidden to enter the interior of the dwelling with a polyethylene tube.

  • The latter must be connected to a metallic copper or steel pipe approximately 1 meter before the point of penetration into the wall (except in the case of the switch box placed on the surface or embedded in the wall).

Raccord PE / Bride Gaz
Raccord PE / Bride Gaz
Raccord PE / Bride Gaz

Existing references: 

0002563 - 0002564 - 0002560 - 0632305 - 0632306 - 0632307.

*Mechanical clamping by flange with dynamometric wrench

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