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Existing references: 

0801019 - 0801018 - 0801039.

* B10T regulator, not NF REG-GAZ certified

BD CONNECT PLT pipe vendu en touret.

Régulateur B10 Gaz Naturel
Régulateur B10 Propane
Régulateur B10 NF REG-GAZ

Product description

B10 regulator to be screwed on a male thread with Sphero-Tapered Junction (JSC) and on a male thread with Flat Meter Seal (JPC) to pass from the medium pressure at the inlet to the low pressure at the outlet.
It maintains the outlet pressure at a constant value preset in the factory (calibration).


  • Natural gas

  • Propane network


  • Certified NF REG-GAS

Technical characteristics

  • Flow rate: 10m3/h (GN) or 12.6 kg/h (Propane)

  • Inlet pressure: 0.5 to 5 bar

  • Outlet pressure: 21mbar (GN) or 37mbar (Propane)

  • Swivel captive nut JSC G 3/4'' and sealable swivel nut JPC DN32

Régulateur B10
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