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Propane trigger valve
- 1.3 kg/h 
to security 

Robinet détendeur déclencheur Propane 1,3 kg/h NF GAZ

Product description
Regulator valve with Propane trigger to be screwed onto two M 20x150 nuts providing the cut-off, expansion and safety function.
Shut-off function: turning the knob 1/4 turn interrupts the flow of gas.
Relaxation function: this regulator regulates the supply pressure of the devices to 37 mbar (2nd relaxation) and must be preceded by a 1st relaxation. 
Safety function: the built-in trigger automatically interrupts the gas supply in the event of a drop in upstream pressure.


  • Propane bottle

  • propane tank


  • NF GAS certified

Technical characteristics

  • Throughput: 1.3 kg/h

  • Inlet pressure: 0.5 to 1.75 bar

  • Outlet pressure: 37 mbar

  • Male inlet and outlet thread M 20x150

Robinet détendeur déclencheur Propane 1,3 kg/h

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