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GRDF JSC type E1A valve

PE inlet - male outlet

Product Description
1/4 turn valve with Sphero-Conical Junction (JSC) for connection to a PE pipe and to be screwed onto a JSC nut, on an insulating base fitted with 2 screws for mounting in the cabinet.
The valve is lockable automatically in the closed position and can only be unlocked by an authorized person.


  • Natural gas

  • Propane network



  • Certified NF ROB-GAS


Technical characteristics

  • Maximum operating pressure: 5 bar

  • Stop tightening without torque wrench on PE side and male thread on JSC

  • Closure by 1/4 turn maneuver with red plastic handle

  • Automatically lockable valve in the closed position, by locking pin and spring

  • Body with 2 flats allowing good hold when tightening

  • Non-removable tap, maintenance-free

  • Pedestal valve (with two screws) fitted with a test socket

  • Temperature class: -20°C to +60°C

Robinet gaz GRDF JSC type E1A
Robinet gaz GRDF JSC type E1A

Existing references: 

09135115 - 09135125 - 09165125 - 09135132.

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