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5 actions for the environment 🌿

Here are 5 actions taken by BANIDES to promote energy savings and reduce its environmental impact.

#1 Workshop lighting 🌞

Replacement of neon tubes, by an adaptive led lighting in all workshops.

- Increased luminous quality

- energy saving

#2 Insulation of buildings ⛑️

Renovation and insulation of 1500m2 of roof of our workshops.

- Gain in work comfort

- Limitation of heat loss

#3 Adaptive Parking Light 💡

Implementation of adaptive exterior lighting, based on staff arrival and departure times.

- Respect of the local fauna

- Energy saving

#4 Heating 🔥

Substitution of air heater heating, for radiant heating and implementation of consumption monitoring by sector.

- Adjustable temperature

- Traceability of consumption via the BMS

- Energy savings

#5 Eco-pasture 🐑

Since last spring, BANIDES has been home to 5 sheep that ensure the mowing of green spaces. Very quickly the fauna diversified with the arrival of wading birds, birds of prey, etc... to the delight of the teams.

- Eco-pasture

- Silence

- Wildlife

Through these actions, BANIDES limits its energy consumption, while ensuring the comfort of all its teams. 👍


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